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Patient handouts are available for your convenience.


Adult Intake Form
Child Intake Form
Midwifery Intake Form
Midwifery Records Release Form


Anti-Candida Diet, phase 1
Anti-inflammatory Diet
Arthritis Diet
Basal Body Temperature
Blood Test Results Explained
Calcium, non-dairy food sources
Colon Hydrotherapy
Contrast Hydrotherapy
Corn Elimination Diet
Dairy Alternatives
Dairy Elimination Diet
Dairy Allergy, Understanding
Dietary Fiber
Egg Elimination Diet
Egg Substitutes
Essential Fatty Acids
Food Additives
Food Allergy Testing
Food Substitutions
Gluten Elimination Diet
Hydrochloric Acid Supplementation
Hypoallergenic Diet Ideas
Hypothyroid Diet
Low-Purine Diet
PMS Dietary Guidelines
Protein, Vegetarian sources Rotation Diet
Soy-Free Diet
Special Diets, resource list
VEGA Test Method
Wheat Elimination Diet
Wheat Flour Alternatives
Whole Grains Guide

Should you have any questions regarding our patient handouts, please contact our office.

Our patient handouts are available for patients who have have previously consulted with our Doctors. Consultation is required for effective treatment, as improper diagnosis can lead to further health issues. Village Health Clinic assumes no liability for improper use of our online resources.